Information Security Club

Hello Coyotes! The InfoSec Club at California State University San Bernardino is devoted to the art and science of information security. We are a diverse, welcoming group of students passionate about breaking, hacking, and fixing things. We are open to everyone, and we encourage you to join the club! You can do so by visiting the Sign Up Page. Check back here for updates on projects and events!


We generally have a formal meeting every other Wednesday during this Winter Quarter from 12pm - 1pm. These consist of guest speakers from the cybersecurity industry, hands-on workshops from students, or relevant presentations about cyber topics. Fridays (and sometimes Saturdays) are used for ongoing projects. Check our Events Page for an up-to-date list.

We are always open to suggestions, so if you have an idea for a workshop or guest speaker, please let us know.


Our university department emphasizes learning outside the classroom. There are many subjects in cybersecurity which simply cannot be learned in a lecture-style classroom, so our lab provides space to build, break, secure, and experiment with technology. These experiences add invaluable skills to your repertoire, and gives you tangible stories to tell in job interviews that demonstrate your problem-solving skills.

As a member of the InfoSec Club, you may jump into any project at any time. For more information on each projects, including those that are just in the idea phase, visit the various menu items under the Projects menu above. Feel free to tell us your ideas as well.

Our Lab

We operate primarily out of Jack Brown room 122 (affectionately known as "the lab"). We do our best to keep it open on a consistent schedule. If you'd like the lab open outside of these hours, contact one of the club officers.

For the Fall 2015 quarter:

Day Time
Mon ~10am - 8pm
Tue ~10am - 8pm
Wed ~10am - 8pm
Thu ~10am - 8pm
Fri ~10am - 5pm

DoD Information Assurance Scholarship Program

Are you ready to take on our Nation's Information Security Challenges?

Today, more than at any time in the past, the U.S. Department of Defense depends upon a vast, interconnected, global information infrastructure to conduct its operations. By using and securing the most sophisticated networked information systems in the world, the DoD maintains a substantial information advantage over any potential adversary, which is a key contributor to mission success. Protecting and securing this information advantage is critical to the national security of the United States and its allies. Visit the DoD IASP Website for more information.

This scholarship offers a multitude of benefits including:

  • Paid Books and Tuition
  • Guaranteed Employment Upon Graduation
  • Guaranteed Summer Internship
  • Graduate Students: $34,000/year
  • Undergraduate Students: $22,500/year

For more info on this program or if you have any questions please see us in the lab, JB-122. The DoD Scholarship applications are due on February 10th! Please submit all applications to JB-282 ASAP!

Upcoming events

Date Title Location
Wed, Jan 31 2018 12:00 PMInfoSec Club Meeting
View this list on its own page. Visit our Events Page for the full list.