Information Security Club

Hello Coyotes! The InfoSec Club at California State University San Bernardino is devoted to the art and science of information security. We are a diverse, welcoming group of students passionate about breaking, hacking, and fixing things. We are open to everyone, and we encourage you to join the club! You can do so by visiting the Sign Up Page. Check back here for updates on projects and events! Visit for information on scholarships, academic programs. And, if you're an organization interested in receiving a presentation from our CyberSquad, check out our presentation request form!

CISA Signed into Law

On the 16th of November 2018, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act of 2018 was signed into law, thereby creating a new agency with the express goal of providing and improving US cybersecurity.

Learn more about CISA at their website!

InfoSec Meetings

Club meetings are every other week and are usually informational. We also get some really cool guest speakers for you all! We have more projects than ever before, so check out the projects and get involved! If you're interested in our events, check our calendar to view upcoming events. Also check out our Open House event, it's one of the biggest annual events that we host!

We are always open to suggestions, so if you have an idea for a workshop or guest speaker, please let us know.


Our university department emphasizes learning outside the classroom. There are many subjects in cybersecurity which simply cannot be learned in a lecture-style classroom, so our lab provides space to build, break, secure, and experiment with technology. These experiences add invaluable skills to your repertoire, and gives you tangible stories to tell in job interviews that demonstrate your problem-solving skills.

As a member of the InfoSec Club, you may jump into any project at any time. For more information on each projects, including those that are just in the idea phase, visit the various menu items under the Projects menu above. Feel free to tell us your ideas as well.

Our Lab

We operate primarily out of Jack Brown room 122 (affectionately known as "the lab"). We do our best to keep it open on a consistent schedule. If you'd like the lab open outside of these hours, contact one of the club officers.

Day Time
Monday 8am - 10pm
Tuesday 8am - 10pm
Wednesday 8am - 10pm
Thursday 8am - 10pm
Friday 8am - 5pm

*Lab hours are not guaranteed during finals weeks, breaks, or holidays!

Get ready for IST 590: Facebook Codepath, Winter 2019!

Want to learn ethical hacking? Interested in hands-on experience with XSS, SQLi, and more? Then IST 590: Facebook Codepath is the class for you!

Meeting times:

  • Wed | 6:00-8:00pm | Online lecture
  • Thu | 6:00-8:00pm | In-person lab

Show your interest by filling out the interest form for the class! Click here to fill out the interest form if you're interested!

*Note: This IST 590 class is not yet available in the CSUSB enrollment database, but it will be soon. If you're interested, please sign the interest form and await further info!

Fall 2018 Project Schedule

Projects are held every Friday during open lab hours at times set by the project leaders. Project Schedule for Fall 2018 is as follows:

Project Time Room Day Lead
Coding 4:30pm - 5:50pm JB-122 Wednesday Hunter
Cloud Rover 5pm - 6pm JB-122 Thursday Maxfield
EmComm 8am - 9am JB-122 Friday Erick
White-Hat Hacking 10am - 11am JB-122 Friday Manny
NICE Challenge 10am - 12pm JB-122 Friday Zack
Hardware 12pm - 1pm JB-122 Friday Isabella
Car Hacking 1pm - 2pm JB-122 Friday Jesus
Surveillance 2pm - 3pm JB-122 Friday John
Gadgeteer 2pm - 3pm JB-122 Friday Danielle
Forensics 3pm - 5pm JB-122 Friday Nick
Drones 3pm - 5pm JB-122 Friday Rickie
CCDC 4pm - 5pm JB-124 Friday --