Discord Server

We have our own Discord server! Feel free to take advantage of it as often as you like to. Discord is a voice and text chat program designed for project collaboration and gaming. This is a fantastic resource for collaborating on Projects or CTF's when everyone doesn't want to meet on campus. The server provides both public and private "channels" (chat room, essentially), each with audio and messaging features.

Get started

To start you can either use the web client or download the Clients. There are versions available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and soon Linux!

Once you have an account, and are using either the webclient / desktop clients just click this Link which will invite you into the discord server.

When connected, you'll see the list of available channels on the server. All of these channels, as well as their associated text channels are public - so I don't recommend using it to share your SSN, etc.

Just a heads up, Text channels and audio channels are technically seprate, but you should generally try to be in the corresponding audio-to-text channel when using the server.

Push-to-talk will make you more friends than audio-detection!

Click Here to view the old TeamSpeak Sever Information